I am a researcher and entrepreneur in the field of computer-aided analysis, planning and design of products and procedures around the human body, mainly with respect to medical therapies and devices. My research interests are 3D geometry reconstruction of anatomical structures from measurement data and population-based 3D shape analysis.


  • Medical image processing
  • Shape matching/registration
  • Statistical shape analysis
  • 3D geometry and visualization


  • Doctoral degree (PhD) in Mathematics/Computer Science, 2008

    Freie Universität Berlin

  • Diploma Degree in Physics, 2000

    Universität Heidelberg


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Characterization of the Airflow within an Average Geometry of the Healthy Human Nasal Cavity

This study’s objective was the generation of a standardized geometry of the healthy nasal cavity. An average geometry of the healthy …

Curriculum Vitae


Guest research associate

Zuse Institute Berlin

Jan 2015 – Present Berlin / Germany

Co-founder and CEO

1000shapes GmbH

Feb 2010 – Present Berlin / Germany
Co-founded the ZIB and Matheon spin-off company 1000shapes GmbH together with Stefan Zachow.

Postdoctoral research


Jan 2009 – Dec 2009 Sophia-Antipolis / France
Member of the Asclepios group, working on brain image segmentation within the Health-e-Child project and cardiac simulation within the euHeart project. Working under Nicolas Ayache, Xavier Pennec and Hervé Delingette.

PhD studies in mathematics and computer science

Freie Universität Berlin

Apr 2001 – Sep 2008 Berlin / Germany
The topic of my research was variational and statistical shape modeling for 3D geometry reconstruction. As an alumni, I am a member of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft der Freunde, Förderer und Ehemaligen der Freien Universität Berlin e.V..

Research associate

Zuse Institute Berlin

Sep 2000 – Dec 2014 Berlin / Germany

I was part of the Visual Data Analysis department, member of the Therapy Planning Group, and involved in the Amira development. Working under Prof. Deuflhard, Hans-Christian Hege and Stefan Zachow. I became a member of the SIG Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine.

My research was funded by

  • DFG research center Matheon (FZT86)
  • European Commission project MXL (FP7-2009-ICT-248693)
  • DFG collaborative research center Hyperthermia: Clinical Aspects and Methodology (SFB273)

Research internship

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

May 2000 – Jun 2000 Cambridge/MA, USA
As part of my diploma thesis, I worked on numerical solutions to chiral dynamics in strong interaction physics.

Research internship

Zuse Institute Berlin

Feb 1998 – Apr 1998 Berlin / Germany
Development of an active-contour-based interactive image segmentation algorithm

Studies of physics

University of Heidelberg

Apr 1995 – Jul 2000 Heidelberg / Germany
Specialization in theoretical elementary particle physics; graduation as Diplomphysiker with a thesis on the chiral dynamics in strong interaction physics.

Studies of mathematics, physics and computer science

University of Auckland

Jan 1994 – Dec 1994 Auckland / New Zealand



Sep 1984 – Jun 1993 Germering near Munich, Germany
As an alumni, I am a member of the Max-Born-Netzwerk.


Shape Challenge Best Prize

Partial shape reconstruction of resected livers

VCBM 2012 Best Poster Award

Efficient projection and deformation of volumetric shape and intensity models for accurate simulation of X-ray images

Ausgründungspreis / Spin-off Award

Second-Best Auto-Segmentation Method

Knee/Cartilage from MR images

Best Auto-Segmentation Method

Manibular bone and nerve from DVT images

Karl-Heinz Höhne Preis

Atlas-based 3D-Shape Reconstruction from X-Ray Images

Best Auto-Segmentation Method

Liver from contrast-enhanced CT images

Best Podium Presentation


I like to teach courses on my research topics. Here are some examples:

Malen nach Zahlen - Wissenschaftliche Visualisierung

Creation of course material, coordination and instruction

Scientific Visualization with Amira

Course instructor in Maubeuge / France

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Creation of course material, coordination and instruction

Introduction to the Theory of Relativity

Creation of course material, coordination and instruction

Lecture accompanying Tutorials

Course instruction and correction of exercises for the following lectures:

  • Theoretical mechanics (Prof. Dr. F. Wegner)
  • Analysis II (Prof. Dr. H. Rost)
  • Analysis I (Prof. Dr. H. Rost)
  • Algorithms and data structures (Prof. Dr. G. Reinelt)


I have helped to organize, consult and support scientific events:

Session XVI - Registration, Segmentation and Modeling

Session Chair

Focus Session on Evaluation

Session Chair

Tandem Workshop on Geometry, Numerics and Visualization

Co-organization with M. Wardetzky and J. Bloch